L’Etape Zhuji Ignited Xishi Hometown Zhuji, Global Brand Race Empower

On May 26, 2019 L’Etape Zhuji was successfully closed with the witness of more than 2000 riders. Hu Hao and Emilie Rochedy won the championship of the men's and women's Championships in the Race of the L’Etape Zhuji. In recent years, Zhuji Municipal Government has responded positively to the national policy of green travel, and Zhuji is gradually becoming the leading cycling-friendly city in China. As the hometown of Xi Shi and the capital of ancient Yue, Zhuji has a long history and beautiful mountains and rivers. With the goal of "one belt and one road, one city", Zhuji vigorously promotes the coordinated development of quality sports events and national sports.


L’Etape Zhuji is not only the first stop of L’Etape Asian Tour in 2019, but also the first appearance of the L’Etape series in the Yangtze River Delta region. As the third major sports event in the world, ranking after the Olympic Games and World Cup, it is the third year of the Centennial Tour de France has come to China. Now the Tour de France events in China not only achieve good results in promoting national fitness and cycling culture, but also endow the city with energy through its top popularity, bringing new vitality to the "sports + tourism" industry.


Tour de France brings energy to national fitness

It is the first time that L’Etape series entered the Yangtze River Delta, which plays an important role in promoting the development of cycling industry in this region. At the end of this event, the Tour de France indicators will be retained, and the event operators, Activation and Zhuji Municipal Government hope to promote the development of China's cycling sport by increasing the public atmosphere of cycling.


As a well-respected cycling event in the world, the Race, 133 kilometers across 12 towns and townships, with "Guyue amorous feelings", adhering to the tradition of the Tour de France, long-distance fully closed track, international specifications of security and services, L’Etape Zhuji will show the characteristics of "Guyue track" incisively and vividly. Amaury Sport Organization (A.S.O.) and Activation, the organizers of the event, have successfully re-carved the ultimate experience of the Tour de France through the continuous polishing of the event, so that the riding culture transcends national boundaries, approaches the Chinese people and promotes the popularization of national fitness.


In fact, behind the popularity of the L’Etape series is the rapid development of Chinese cycling and the change of sports consumption concept. The average annual growth rate of cycling enthusiasts is more than 30%, and the compound growth rate of cycling market is about 10% in the next five years. Racing and outbound cycling are becoming the necessary items for cycling enthusiasts. The number of sports cyclists has reached 15 million in 2018.


Professional cycling events such as the Tour de France events in China have brought a new experience of watching and competing for domestic audiences. More and more people have begun to participate in cycling, and the consumption of cycling has increased year by year. The successful landing of the L’Etape will not only make Zhuji the preferred place for cyclists in Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta, but also deepen the resource-based industrial integration of "sports + tourism" in Zhuji.


Top Sporting Events Create New Business Cards for Cities

This year is the third year of the Tour de France events in China landed. Based on the number of cyclists and the popularity of bicycles in China, through competitive sports events, creating distinctive city labels and deepening the development of cultural and tourism industries have become one of the important reasons for the L’Etape series to land in various cities throughout the country. The new sports tourism mode of "cycling + tourism" is also highlighted in the "Development Plan of Cycling Sports Industry". Through cycling activities, not only can meet the needs of the masses for health, entertainment and leisure, but also can play a great role in promoting tourism resources such as humanities and local characteristics of scenic spots.


The rise of sports tourism and the race complement each other. The development of surrounding tourism will be promoted during the holding of the race, and sports tourism, especially race tourism. As a global brand event combining tourism, leisure and commerce, the L’Etape series has obvious driving effects on cycling equipment, tourism, catering, etc. It is also important in promoting the transformation and upgrading of industry and consumption, attracting the attention of the international community and extending the cycling industry chain.


Tour de France events in China will not only choose to land in a city with local characteristics of humanities and natural scenery, Zhuji is such a city with "sports + tourism" ecological characteristics, but also choose to land in a first-tier city to better promote the riding culture and Tour de France spirit through extreme viewing and competition experience, and to build the brand. In more than two years of introducing this top-level event into China, the event operator Activation has achieved great success: more than 10,000 riders, 500,000 spectators and 300 million people have participated in this international event through watching.


The ultimate experience of top-level cycling IP

The L’Etape series has always been committed to creating the most authentic professional cycling atmosphere and the most professional global brand events through the design of fully enclosed professional track, challenging and interesting climbing sections by experts of the Tour de France. L’Etape Zhuji has three four-level climbing points certified by Tour de France experts, bringing the riders an experience of Tour de France, and continuing to follow the image of the top cycling events.


As the world's largest cycling events for cycling enthusiast, the L’Etape series covers five continents and it is keeping expanding. In addition, the Tour de France Criterium is the world's top ornamental professional bicycle race held outside France, bringing together 40 to 60 top cyclists in the world. Each match attracts about 100,000 live audiences. It is a pilgrimage for fans of the Tour de France. At the same time, it is broadcasted live all over the world, making the city attract world attention.


Activation, the brand owner of Tour France events in China, has always been committed to working with A.S.O. to promote the new upgrading of entertainment sports industry. By inviting famous international teams or former Tour de France champions to participate in China's Tour de France Events, they are continuously improving the competitiveness, ornamentality and interaction of the events, and have created China's top international bicycle racing brand. The Tour de France events not only landed in various cities of China, but also gave ordinary cyclists the opportunity to experience the same atmosphere of Tour de Franc. It is the exchange of sports, as well as the exchange of culture.


Since last year, the landing of the Tour de France events in China has been steadily advancing. The L’Etape China and the Tour de France Criterium highlight the public participation and competitive ornamentation, respectively. The latter is a gathering of the world's top riders. In the next 2019 L’Etape Yunnan and the Shanghai Criterium is worth looking forward to.






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