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2022 Tour De France Challenge Lin-gang Special Area


Lin-gang Special Area of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is located in the southeast of Shanghai, with Pudong International Airport in the north and Yangshan International Hub Port in the south. It is an important node of Shanghai's coastal channel. The coast is like a bow, the Yangtze River is like an arrow, and the port is like an arrowhead. The entire Lingang main urban area is centered on Dishui Lake, and its unique water system structure of "one lake, four ripples and seven rays" connects all urban blocks and depicts the most important urban context of this land. While pursuing the speed of development, the new area is still continuously improving its high-quality international urban service functions, and is committed to building a modern new city that is open to innovation, smart ecology, industry-city integration, and suitable for work and living.


L'ETAPE China has landed in Lin-gang again after a year. Different from the 2021 event, the 2022 Tour de France Challenge·Shanghai Lin-gang New Area has a longer route and an upgraded challenge! Competitors can challenge themselves during the riding process, fully appreciate more beautiful scenery along the way, and check in new buildings with unique features and a sense of technology along the way.


In order to show the rapid development of Lin-gang New City and feel the unique charm of the TDF. The fully enclosed track was carefully designed by Tour de France experts according to the topography of Lin-gang.

  • Pre-registration method and price

    i. Pre-registration Date & Fees

      Pre-registration starts on 12:00 Sep. 30th 2022 and will be closed on 20:00 Oct 25th 2022 based on the first-come-first-serve principle.


    After successfully pre-registration for the race, please collect your race package with your valid ID. If due to personal reasons, the organizing committee does not provide delivery or delay collecting service. (The race package collection time is within one week before the official race. The specific collection time is subject to the official website information or SMS notification. The race package collection service is not provided on the day of the race.)


    ii. Entry

    (1) To participate in The Race, you must be 16-60 years old, to participate in The Ride, you must be 16-55 years old. All participants are required to provide a health certificate or a physical examination report issued by a registered medical institution certifying that you are physically fit to participate in the race.

    (2) People suffering from the following are deemed unfit to participate in the race:

    a. congenital or rheumatic heart disease;

    b. hypertension or cerebrovascular disease;

    c. myocarditis or other cardiac diseases;

    d. coronary artery disease or serious arrhythmia;

    e. diabetes or hypoglycemia;

    f.  cold within two weeks before the race;

    g. pregnant;

    h. any other risk-prone diseases.

  • Awards Setting

    The Race

    The following awards will be decided and granted to male and female riders separately.

    • Individual Classification – Winner, 2nd place & 3rd place

    • Points Classification

    • Best Young Rider Classification

    *The female and male Individual Classification winners will be awarded free entrance to 2023 L'Étape du tour Championship in France. The accommodation is covered while the flight tickets will be self-afforded.


    The Ride

    The Ride is timed, but not ranked.

    • Any participant who completes the races within the time limit will be awarded a medal.

    • The certificate of result will be available for self-printing on the official website 24 hours after the race.

    • The certification of race can be downloaded within 30 days.

  • Lin-gang Limited Kit

    Name of Kit: DAWN

    Time cannot swallow up the ambition to fight. 

    The first battle of 2022 is coming, it's time to update the equipment and make IT as your "power acceleration"! 

    "Breaking Dawn" spread around. 

    Wearing the 2022 Tour de France Lin-gang L’Etape exclusive limited kit, no wind resistance but comfortable. There is nothing can hold me back.

    Kit Pricing (cyclist exclusive): RMB 359


    Sign up for the race now and enjoy the cyclist's discount!

    Note: The custom-made kit is non-refundable once you place the order. In addition, because the kit is a limited product. According to the competition regulations, the players who purchase the kit need to get the product in fan's day (one day before the race).

  • Hotel Recommended

    Artyzen Lingang Shanghai

    No. 1-3, Lane 18, Ziduan Road, Lingang Special Area, Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, P. R. China (100m from Entrance)

    WEB: artyzen-lingang

    TEL: 86-021-20228888  



    Artyzen Habitat Lingang Shanghai

    No. 1-3, Lane 39, North Shuiyun Road, Lingang Special Area, Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, P. R. China (100m from Entrance)

    WEB: artyzen-habitat

    TEL: 86-021-20226666


  • Racing Tips

    Pre-registration Q&A:

    1.   When will the race time and route be announced?

    A:  The event time and route will be announced after the pre-registration is completed. After the announcement, the organizing committee will send a confirmation reminder. If you cannot go to the race according to the announcement time, please make a refund according to the reminder information. If you don’t apply for withdrawal within the specified time, you will accept the information such as the race time and route by default, and no refunds will be allowed.

    2.  What should I do if I cannot participate in the competition after the official race time announcement?

    A:  If you are unable to participate after pre-registration, the event organizing committee will accept your full refund (fare/kit, etc.), you only need to send a screenshot of the Alipay or WeChat payment used in your pre-registration and your personal information (name, ID number, contact number) and send an email to: service@china-letour.com, the staff will process a refund for you within 15 working days of receiving the email, and the refund will be returned to your payment account.

    3.  If I cannot participate in the 2022 L‘Etape Lin-gang, can my pre-registration slot be transferred?

    A:  No, if you are unable to participate, you can make a refund according to Q2 guideline.

    4.  If I am unable to participate in the 2022 L‘Etape Lin-gang, can my pre-registration quota be postponed?

    A:  No. If you are unable to participate, you can make a refund according to Q2 guideline.


    Pre-registration Tips:

    1.  How to register for 2022 L‘Etape Lin-Gang ?

    A:  Log on the official website of Le Tour de France China Events (http://www.china-letour.com/L’Etape) by mobile phone and PC to complete the online pre-registration.


    2.  When will the pre-registration start?

    A: Pre-registration period: September 30th - October 25th, 2022 (based on the first-come-first-serve principle)


    3.  What will include in my pre-registration?

    A:  Race slot; Insurance; Welcome bag; Finisher medal; Cycling experience on a fully closed route; Medical assistance; Feeding zones.

    4.  What will include in the welcome bag?

    A:  Race number pack (bib number, number plate, luggage tag, info sticker, event itinerary timetable); Event program; Goodies from official partners.

    5.  Is a physical examination necessary to participate in 2022 L‘Etape Lin-Gang?

    A: You can register after confirming you are physically healthy or have long-term exercises or basic training for the race. After the registration is successful, you are required to get a physical health certificate at a registered medical institution.

    You should confirm that you are in good health and have a long-term exercise or training basis for the race. After the registration is successful, you are required to get a physical health certificate at a registered medical institution.

    6.  Are there any requirements for the participating bicycle models?

    A:  You can log on the website: http://www.china-letour.com/L’Etape. There are detailed directions about the participating bicycle models.


    7.  Is bicycle insurance included in the insurance for the participant?

    A:  The Organizing Committee will take out insurance for all participants and staff (Bicycle insurance is not included. Riders are advised to insure themselves).

    8.  Will the road be closed during the race?

    A:  Yes. Throughout the entire race, you will race on closed roads like a professional rider in the Tour de France. However, a time limit is set to ensure roads resume social traffic at a specific time. After this time, the road will be open to traffic again. The schedule will be announced later on the website and WeChat official account. The WeChat ID is ‘letourofficial’.

    9.  What happens if I get eliminated or quit?

    A:  The “time schedule” vehicle (Broom wagon) follows a precise time schedule. Any rider who is overtaken by this vehicle at any point during the race, will be considered eliminated. If you quit, you should leave the track for being safe, and wait for the “time schedule” vehicle. If you are eliminated, you should follow the instructions, a bus/truck will take you and your bicycle to the finish village.

    10.  Should I re-register for the website if I did before?

    A:  No, you can just log in with the original user name.

    11.  Can personal basic information be modified after successful registration?

    A:  After successful registration, basic information can be modified in the personal center.

    12.  How to know whether the pre-registration is successful or not?

    A: There are three ways to confirm the registration: 1. An automatic email will be sent to inform the successful pre-registration; 2. Log on the website to check if the pre-registration is successful; 3. The mobile phone number which used to register will receive a message about the successful pre-registration.

    13.  Can I change race category after pre-registration online?

    A:  No. You cannot change the race category after completing the pre-registration.

    14.  Is it possible to make a pre-registration as a group?

    A:  No, each individual participant has to pre-register by himself/herself.


    15.  Could I get refund for giving up the race after pre-registration confirmed?

    A:  No. Once pre-registration is confirmed, you can neither change the race category nor get refund.

    16.  Is there any storage service before the race?

    A: Yes, a free storage service will be provided for riders before the race.

    17.  Is there any souvenir?

    A:  Each participant who finishes the race within time limitation will be awarded with a medal, and the participation certificate is able to download from the official website after the race is finished.

    18.  Is there a photo service?

    A:  The information of photo service will be published on the WeChat Official Account, please take notice of it.

    19.  When will the results be published?

    A:  The results will be available to check after the race on official website and WeChat Official Account. You will be able to download the finisher certificate in your personal account on Tour de France Events in China.

    20.  How to contact the committee?

    A: You can contact us via service number: 400-100-3103 (Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00), or send the email to service@china-letour.com.

  • Racing rules


    1. Participants shall give first priority to safety and enjoy cycling. Participants shall fully cooperate so as to ensure smooth operation of the Tournament (as defined in the Disclaimer).

    2. In order to participate the Tournament, participants shall agree and fully understand and undertake to obey the rules, precautions, important notes formulated by Tour de France Events in China (hereinafter referred to as “Event Rules”) before participating in the Tournament.

    3. Participants should pay attention to the announcements and mailed materials from Tour de France Events in China and make efforts to obtain the latest information on all events through the official web site, WeChat, Weibo and other media channels.

    4. With respect to participants in violation of this document, the Organizers (as defined in the Disclaimer) have the right to execute various penalties such as denying entry of course, cancel eligibility, asking leaving the course and canceling all racing results. Any liabilities and obligations arising from the participants’ violation of this document shall be borne by the participants themselves. If the Organizers suffer any further loss or are required to bear any liabilities for the third party, the Organizers have the right to claim all compensation against participants so as to restitute the Organizers to the state that no loss is suffered by the aforementioned situation.

    5. Participants are required to take responsibility for themselves and participate in the Tournament on the premise of full safety management and health management.

    6. “The Organizersunder this document refers to the organizing committee, the organizers, co-organizers, executing agency, event venues provider and all other sponsoring and participating entities and each of their subsidiaries and co-organizers.


    (1) To the participants for all courses

    1. Participants must be in good health and possess the ability to complete their selected course within the time limit, shall be consistent with the entry requirements which are defined in the Disclaimer and other regulations.

    2. Participants acknowledge that the Event Rules apply to all kinds of courses, and undertake to comply with the Event Rules.


    (2) Bicycle and Equipment Requirements

    a. Allowable Bicycle Classes

    1. Bicycles must comply with Chinese laws, regulations, rules and regulatory documents (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese law") and be equipped and fully featured for road-cycling.

    2. Bicycles shall be free-wheel with gears, both front and rear brakes in perfect working condition, and shall be capable of withstanding the usual intensity of cycling.


    b. Handlebar shape

    1. Handlebars without a quick brake operation and/or are unfit for controlling on steep roads are prohibited.

    2. Handlebars different from the standard equipment and are considered dangerous for travel are prohibited.



    c. AccessoriesEquipment

    1. Helmet, headlight, taillight or light reflector and bell are mandatory. Gloves are recommended.

    2. Accessories which are not necessary for the ride and prevent safe riding are prohibited.



    (3) Bicycle Inspection and Supervision, Clothing, Accessories

    a. Bicycle inspection

    1. Participants are responsible for preparing and maintaining their bicycles on the day of the Tournament in accordance with Chinese law, rules and this document.

    2. Participants are encouraged to undergo inspections and maintenance of their bicycles in advance at a bicycle shop.

    3. Participants are required to submit a self-conducted bicycle inspection report at the reception on the day before the Tournament. On the day of the Tournament before the race starts, the staffs of the Tournament are entitled to conduct visual inspections of bicycles, participants should cooperate unconditionally. If the bicycle is determined by the staff of the Tournament to be inconsistent with the entry requirements, the Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the vehicles as which being judged to be obstructing safe riding.

    4. If the Organizers find bicycles with safety problems which do not conform to this document, such as not being properly equipped, having forbidden decorations attached, or not being well-maintained, the rider will not be allowed to participate as the bicycles being judged to be obstructing safe riding.


    b. Bicycle supervision, theft and damage

    1. The Organizer do NOT take any responsibility for theft, damage, loss, etc. of bicycles.

    2. Participants are responsible to properly place, lock and fix their bicycles and to handle with related issues.


    c. Clothing

    1. Participants should wear clothing that is suitable for exercise and is highly visible.

    2. Cosplay and doll clothing are not allowed.

    3. Participants must wear helmets that meet the requirements of this document while riding and are encouraged to wear gloves to protect themselves from injury in case of a fall.


    d. Accessories

    1. The number on the bib is the registered number of the participant and the Organizers will confirm the identity of the participants based on such number so the participants are required to properly attach the bib to their clothing for all time.

    2. Participants who lose or forget to bring their helmets, numbers (with passage check chip), number plate or helmet sticker are not allowed to participate.

    3. Participants are in principal required to all bicycle repair, such as flat tire, by themselves. Please carry the necessary tools for repair, such as an air pump and a spare inner tube.

    4. Please be prepared for cold and rainy weather conditions, and participants are advisable to fully prepare cold proof clothing, rain coat etc.).

    5. Participants should carry their valid ID card, cell phone and money in case of emergency.

    6. Participants are advised to bring food and drinks with Electrolyte.


    (4) Regarding the Tournament

    a. General riding rules

    1. Participants must obey Chinese law as well as directions and guidance given by the staffs of the Tournament, police officers, and security staff (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Working Staff”) in each course.

    2. Participants must obey all traffic regulations and ride safely. Participants must mind traffic manners and not pose any harm or danger to traffic.

    3. If a participant’s riding is judged to be dangerous, or a participant does not obey the instructions given by event staff, they will be given a warning. If their behavior is not changed after warning is given, such participant may be stopped or disqualified for riding and may be asked to leave the course.

    4. Participants should check their racing course in advance, such as the route, forks in the road, aid stations, checkpoints, time limit, precautionary matters and so on.

    5. Participants involved in an accident or injured or witnessing an accident or injury should notify working staff immediately. If there is no working staff available, participants should contact the event headquarters directly, the emergency contact number of the Tournament is 400-100-3103.


    b. General rules of road cycling

    1. Participants shall ride in a speed and manner that does not cause any harm or hindrance to others in accordance to road and traffic conditions.

    2. Participants on each course shall follow after the guiding staff and vehicles.

    3. Participants shall ride in accordance with the specified direction.

    4. Participants shall maintain a distance from each other to avoid accidents due to sudden braking.

    5. Do not undertake dangerous riding, such as unnecessary turns or sudden stops.

    6. When passing other participants is unavoidable, participants shall give physical and verbal signals. Participants shall ride safely and make mutual concessions.

    7. If event staff decide a participant unable to finish within the time limit or unable to continue riding, they will be picked up in a vehicle. Participants must accept the decision made by event staff.

    8. Participants are prohibited to use earphones with the exception of necessary hearing aid equipment.

    9. Participants shall turn on their lights during inclement weather, at sunset, and in tunnels.

    10. Dangerous riding, such as erratic line changing, cutting in line or unreasonable and dangerous overtaking are prohibited.

    11. When riding on curved and other roads with unclear fields of observation, participants shall ride by the right side of the roads.

    12. Participants are not allowed to stray from the course. If this is done intentionally, the Organizers reserve the right to cancel their eligibility.

    13. Make gestures at the participants for safety when turning left or right.

    14. Participants are responsible for looking out and checking for the adjacence of the back bicycles while riding.

    15. Family and friends are not allowed to drive parallel to your bicycle because it is dangerous and an obstruction to traffic.


    c. Bicycle Breakdown

    1. If your bicycle breaks down, move your bicycle off course to a safe place immediately, like the sidewalk before doing repairs.

    2. If you cannot fix the problem by yourself, follow directions of the nearest event staff.

    3. It is the premise of the participation that participants are able to deal with tire burst and other circumstances..

    4. We offer mechanical service at the starting point and end point. If replacement parts are needed, the participant shall pay the expenses accordingly.


    (5) Checkpoints

    1. Checkpoints are set up on the course and end point. Each checkpoint has a closing time, and all participants except for those who exits must pass through before then. The Organizers reserve the right to change the closing time.

    2. Participants shall understand the closing times of each checkpoint to manage their riding time and pace.

    3. If participants exceed the closing time of next checkpoint on the course, they will be pick up in a vehicle, and shall follow the directions of the event staff in that case.

  • Epidemic prevention guidelines

    After the official event information is released, face information will be collected To ensure the accuracy of the entry information

    Competitors who use their ID cards to sign up for the competition, Face information can be collected before receiving the welcome package. Riders who successfully completed the collection of face information, ID card is not required on race day, You can enter quickly by scanning your face


    Fan’s day of Tour de France (The day of package collection)

    All riders must present a negative nucleic acid test report within 48 hours

    and the "Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment" signed. After temperature measurement, identification and health code verification

    to receive equipment.


    On the day of the competition, all riders must have Negative nucleic acid test report within 24 hours before the race Check-in to enter the event site.


    *Specific epidemic prevention policies are subject to the real-time release regulations during the event day.