On October 29th, 2017, the iconic yellow of Tour de France came to Shanghai, China for the first time. World famous players, professional teams and international superstars gathered here, and together with domestic and foreign bicycle lovers, a carnival belonging to bicycles was held in Shanghai!

The 2017 Le Tour de France Škoda Shanghai Criterium started at 10:00 a.m. on October 29th. Seven top international professional teams, namely Team Trek-Segafredo, Team BMC and Team Dimension Data, and five domestic professional teams including China Giant Intercontinental Cycling Team, competed together. The cyclists participating in this race included Froome, who won the Tour de France for four times, Van Avermaet, the UCI cyclist who ranked first in the world, Kittel, the king of sprinting, Barguil, the king of climbing, and many other superstars. It is the most powerful cycling competition in China after the 2008 Olympic Game.

In addition, the soon-to-be-retired legendary cyclist Contador also appeared in Shanghai and participated in the 2017 Le Tour de France Škoda Shanghai Criterium! He formed an ultra-powerful lineup with top cyclists such as Froome and Barguil, which brought an unprecedented on-site competition to Chinese fans. This was also the final show of , Contador which was of great significance to Chinese fans.

At the beginning of the race, cyclists were very relaxed in the race. Then, Contador started the first sprint. But the breakout group did not lead a lot, and was soon overtaken by the Peloton, and Kittel scored the first sprint point. After that, a 7-member breakout group headed by Kittel came into being, and once led the Peloton for nearly 40 seconds. In the end, although Kittel didn't get the top three, he still showed his strength, and he was the only king of sprinting.

After that, the Breakthrough Group was still changing. During this time, Froome spent most of the time in the Peloton. Until the last 15 kilometers of the race, he led several other famous cyclists to form the most powerful breakout group in this race: Froom in Yellow, Barguil in Dot Shirt, Contador, Uran, Hagen and Avermaet were among them.

In the final sprint, Froome, Uran and Barguil took the lead. Barguil attacked first, but in the end froome sprinted better. In the deafening cheers of the fans, froome won the professional circle championship with a time of 1 hour, 21 minutes and 56 seconds. Rigoberto Uran and Warren Barguil were ranked second and third respectively.